Ray Pratt- Bagged a nice 6 point on opening day of rifle season. Ray brought the rack to our Spring meeting to share his trophy with attending members. There were several other reports of both bucks and does harvested over the deer season. Ray is entitled to two free  property badges for the 2018/19 season.


The members approved the proposal to create a Big Buck Contest where the hunter who kills the largest buck from our property wins an award provided by the Club. The antlers will be graded at our Spring meeting and the Lot Owner will be given two free Club Badges as well as an engraved plaque at the fall Annual meeting.

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The unit is now serviceable and ready to be used. For now it is being stowed at our Treasurers home,

Ron Vasich, Lot 6,7 on M61. Any member is welcome and encouraged to use the water trailer to treat our new trees. We will be looking for a member to volunteer to become the keeper of the trailer and provide service and protection over winter.

NOTE- Please don't drive a heavy car onto the food plots but use an atv or utv.


This Bulletin Board is provided to the members so that we can stay informed about Club activities and events associated with our property. Any member can place a note here in by e-mailing the member/director Todd Rachel, Lot# 15, 102  at ( rachelsr@att.net) with the desired information-either Text and/or a Photograph.


The Club has completed a timber cutting during the period January/February, 2018. The harvesting  comprised about 32 acres, starting at a distance of  150 yards established as a buffer inside gate #3, from rear lot boundaries off Springwood Lake Rd. The cutting required some special tree species to be protected including all oaks, sugar maples ,beech and evergreens. By far the most numerous tree species that was cut were aspen and red maple.

The results have been excellent with very rapid regrowth during the summertime, to heights exceeding ten feet. Moreover, Club Members authorized the clearing of another medium sized food plot in the newly timbered area which was planted with winter wheat for the wildlife. For more info call President Whisler


During the third week of June, 2016, a group of bears were seen on the property along Springwood Lake Rd .  Also Bear tracks were found near Lot 69 along Springwood in September 2018. Beware and carry protection while recreating in the COMMON'S area !


1. Oak Wilt is a fungal disease that is transmitted by beetles and

    by root grafting between oak trees underground.

2. Pruning or damaging of oak trees must not be done during

    leaf-out time because the beetles are drawn to the leaking


3.The disease can infect neighboring oaks by their their roots

    grafting together.

4. Once found, the disease can be stopped by cutting down the

    diseased tree removing the wood and burning all the twigs

    and branches.

5. Any diseased stored wood has to be coverered in the summer

    so the beetles can not get to the fungal mats on the wood.

6. Any wound on an oak should be covered with tree paint or

    even  a household latex paint.

7. The Club had a bad infection three years ago but we voted to

    " let nature take it's course" instead of treating the problem.

  . Since then, we removed the dead trees during a logging

    session but other trees had subsequently been  infected. The

    large oak in the west end food plot died last year from  wilt.