1. Any member can obtain a DNR permit to

    remove beaver from the COMMONS area

2. The Club VP is responsible for keeping the

     COMMONS area main trails cleared and



1. Each owner may have up to two ground blinds and two tree stands for

    each lot owned.

2. Every blind must be identified with the owners lot number and current

   hunting year.

3. Unidentified blinds located in the COMMONS area are considered

    abandoned and can be removed by any other member.

4. SAFTY FIRST- When setting up a blind, be aware and scout  other

    blinds nearby and select your shooting lanes carefully.

5. Please be respectful of your neighbor hunters space needs.

6. Locate any deer hunting blinds at least 50 yards from the edge of

    any Club prepared food plot.

7. Portable blinds are to be removed from the COMMONS area by Jan.

    1st of each year.

8.  Guests are not allowed to add their own blinds if it exceeds the total

     allowed for the owner.

9. Rights to build blinds cannot be transferred from one owner to another

    owner. ie: A non hunter cannot give permission to another member

    to set up a blind with the non-hunters  unused allocation.

10. Permanent ground blinds are to be made from dead natural forest

       materials but may have a cover against the weather.


1. Only fallen/dead trees may be cut for personal use in the  COMMONS

2.Any Association authorized cutting must be at least 300 feet behind the

   back lot lines.

3.Timber cutting is allowed as described in the Forest Management Plan

   approved by the membership at the Sept. 27th, 2014 Annual Meeting.

   In summary, for wildlife habitat , we should cut approximately 28 acres 

   of mature  softwood (poplar birch and soft maple)  every three years 

   plus plant special trees  and bushes..

Identification Badges.

1. Each member can buy two ID badges for each lot owned.

2. Badges cost $10.00 each or $11.00 by postal mail

3. Every Hunter in the COMMONS area must carry a badge, 

    except for minors who are with their owner-member.

4.All Non -hunters in the COMMONS area must have at least

   one person in their group with an ID badge.

5. Any person(s) in the COMMONS area without club            

    identification is considered as a Trespasser and can

    be asked to leave immediately.

6.  Members are asked to call the 911 Sheriff dispatch when   

     encountering a trespasser. Take pictures and give the gate

     number or lot number location to the Sheriff.

7. All guests must abide by these same rules.

8. Buy Badges at:

      - Steve Graves, Lots 117,118,119 , 8677, Rt M61

      - Bob Grignon, Lot # 58,  7894 Springwood Lake           

      -Todd Rachel, Badges- by- mail

                             950 Indianwood Rd

                             Lake Orion, MI

                             rachelsr@att.net,  248-693-1422



1. Target shooting is not allowed anywhere in the

     COMMONS area.

2. Harrison Gun Club has an excellent shooting

    area with ranges for 25, 50, and 100 yards. Join

    up or just use their "sight-in" days during the

    week before rifle season open to the public.

3. Safety first- Hikers, berry pickers, mushroom

    hunters, atv's, etc. may be anywhere in the

    COMMONS area during all seasons and non


VEHICLES: ( anything motorized)

1. Deer Bow Seasons- Vehicles 0perating  in COMMONS  

    area  only between 10:am and 3:00pm.

2. Deer Gun Season- Vehicles operating in COMMONS area

    only between 11:00am to 1:00pm as posted on all gates.

3. Speed- 10 mph max for all vehicles at all times!

4. After Hunting Hours- Vehicles are allowed in the 

   COMMONS area after dark allowing for retrieval of game 

    and gear.

5. Parking-

        -Deer Seasons: Oct. 1st to Jan. 1st - Vehicle Parking is

         allowed  only in the three designated spots inside each


        - Non Deer Hunting days and the rest of the 

          year vehicles can park anywhere in the COMMONS



Some basic land usage rules were developed since all members own, not only their personal one acre lot, but also an undivided 1/150 th of the interior COMMONS area for each lot they own. These rules were deemed needed so the members could share the COMMONS area without conflicts and so to be uniformly fair to all owners. Please contact your Secretary for a complete set of Club Rules or click on the blue button shown here.